The Aegir and the Everlasting Vi-Mech

by Richard S. Shaver

If we knew the precise origin of the word "Aegir," or the "Aesir," we would know all about everything on earth,for it seems these words go back that far. The very beginnings are wrapped up with the Aegir.

Like the word "God" or "gods," the Aegir seem to have always been eternal, all-powerful, all-wise. Today we think of the Aegir as the exclusive property of the Norse races, But that didn't always hold true. I really think the Aegir have been lied about and their ancient power obscured by later additions and alterations to the legends.

For instance, in the legends, the tale of the building of Asgard has them hiring a giant and his ox to make the moat and set the walls in place. This reminds one of the tale of Paul Bunyan and his Blue ox, doesn't it? Yet, in others, the Aegir are themselves gigantic, and their enemies are dwarves. So, one gathers that even when legends were formed, the Aegir were hazy memories.

In rock books, the Aegir are not so hazy. One learns that Freya and Frigga were real and were gigantic women, not playtoys of anyone. The "Ages" in the calendar, for instance, are shortenings of the word "Aegir" into the word AEG. Since the A and the E are nearly always stuck together in the Greek fashion, one wonders how and when the E was placed after the G instead of before?

What do I think the Aegir really were in the beginning?

I think they were originally space colonizers, and that they became the "hosts" of earth by right of first landing ... possession being their right. Planets were just stopping places. The way it looks to me, space liners stopping off were so huge and contained so many huge people that it took a whole planet to "host" them. The inhabitants were called "hosts" as they would be in a hotel.

Naturally, planets hosting that kind of trade did their utmost to make their planet an attractive stopping-off place for the ship-weary travelers. So it was that earth was decorated all over, huge forests became parks and the under-earth was bored and fitted to "host" whole multitudes of tourists from space.

That is really what the Aegir were to begin with ... hosts who ruled earth much as a Hotelowner rules his hotel.

This is not exactly the Aegir described in the myths, is it?

No, the myths are a product of the dark ages, when even proper writing was forgotten and lost to earthlings Like the Bible, they have been retranslated, rewritten, mishandled over and over by "scholars" who changed everything as in a fairy tale of no importance.

Some myths are fairly accurate, having been handled with respect. Others, like the tales of the Aegir, have been badly mishandled. One of the most interesting incidents to me, in the Greek legends of the "gods," is an incident where one of the Greek warriors took a poke at "Apollo" with a long Greek spear. I guess he wanted to see if "gods" bled.

Anyway, in this myth, Apollo, displaying the sort of characterless cowardice typical of all gods, sidestepped and allowed the spear to enter Venus' arm. Venus bled ... and of all things, she bled white blood, not RED!

To me, this meant the "God" had resided underground so long she had no color left in her...which takes many generations. If you have ever been in deep caverns, you may have noticed the WHITE lizards, the colorless fish. They are otherwise like surface species, but they are bleached out by many generations of underworld life.

One of the characteristics of all the "immortals" in legends and fairy tales is that they die if the sun catches them ... they have to go back underground before sunrise! This is also true of many reptiles, even desert reptiles ... they are apt to die if they are unable to get out of the sun, because they have no sweat glands and no way to cool off if overheated.

With all of this later, post-deluge mythology about underworld characters, the real "gods" like the Aegir should not be confused ... they are totally different races and in totally different eras of time.

One simply has to make this great distinction in all research into the past. You must separate into two distinct pictures the first great era and the later, post-deluge time. These latter times are the source of the confused picture of myths and tales. These are times between moon-falls, of great ignorance but much talent ... of hard struggles with nature and much tale telling of evenings for want of any better entertainment, if there IS any better. I really think we have lost all contact with our own genuine history by leaving it all to the teachers and antiquarians.

To get back to the subject ‹ such words as Aegir have to be taken in context in relation to their origin. For instance ... Vi-king once meant something other than the modern concept of a Danish Viking. In the beginnings, a Vi-king was one possessed of boundless vi-tality. And vi-tality wasn't entirely a product of "nature" as we know it.

Vi-tality was used in the short form of "vi" and it meant also a synthetic vibrant which increased vitality, which gave a boundless supply of bodily energy from a synthetic source. So, in that time a Vi-king was one who ruled the manufacture of Vi-mech ‹ an industrialist who specialized in certain vibrants for the space trade.

"Vi-kings" were Lords of the processes of life itself ... and one could buy from them life itself. But the picture of boundless vitality is all that remains of the real meaning in the word. So you see, the space trade and the hostel business were, in the beginning, the whole of earth life ... bound up with a trade in what amounted to the life processes themselves, hence the persistence of our concept of "Immortals."

If we were rulers of our own lives and destinies, the work of (Alexis) Carrel and Lindbergh would by now have been enlarged into a similar trade in the life processes. But we are not. We are a sabotaged, ignorant remnant of something once wonderful and free. We had complete access to all the worlds of space and a vast commercial fleet to take us there.

That is what the Aegir were: our forebears, masters of the Vi-mech in demand in all of space. Hosts of the great health hotel called "Earth" or "Erta" or "Terra" or many another names like "Mu," according to what tongue from space you preferred.

So don't think the Aegir were a nothing who inhabited legendary halls. They were once the hosts of all earth. They were like immortal doctors, if you can imagine such a creature. That is, a Doctor who can cure himself ... a genuine Physician capable of healing himself as well as a patient.

Such were the Aegir, long and long ago.

Part Two Follows:

The real Aegir left earth long before the moon struck and buried the whole of their long millenniums of work under sea-bottom mud.

And all that remains is the word, much abused and lied about ... just as the word G.O.D. has been abused and misused.

All that remains is the legend, an abused and misunderstood tale of gods who were really like gods, of a set of rulers who ruled wisely and well, which is quite a legend. Then too, they left their hospitals underground, long the abode of wights and secretive creatures who use the ancient medical mechanisms for "witchcraft" and for persecutions of poor helpless surface people.

True, we could use those ancient and miraculous constructions to recreate some of the life-sciences behind their originator but we have been denied all knowledge of their existence.

This denial of all truth about the past has cost mankind all his inherited wisdom, and is today costing us a habitable planet. Some genuine scientists give us at the most 20 years (editor's note: Shaver wrote this sometime during the Nigeria-Biafra War, 1966-1970) which is the next thing to being dead already. Who would have believed twenty years ago in conditions as they are today? There isn't much use telling you that such simple little books as this are intact mankind's very last chance for survival, is there?

Can you imagine trying to tell a modern scientist that "immortals" really once existed on earth? Or that they left their tools and their abodes and their science quite intact but that we have keen denied access to any of it by who? Whom? What sort of creature plans the death of a world for such a long time?

There really isn't much use telling you that the devils the religionists shout about are flesh and blood and that they inhabit the underworld and still, today , work their endless evil upon us all, So I don't bother, very often.

What ho~e is-there for earth with such inhabitants of the ancient palaces of miraculous mechanisms? Truly, when I try to e-i~en think of telling a modern mind any of this picture of the past and its meanings to the present,,, I cant even imagine any acceptance of what I have to say.

The Aegir have left earth, and earth has been used for a prison by space police, and the moon has struck it again and again, and all the vermin of space left out upon us by the falls of the moon.

Which is only a kind of sad song of farewell to all dreams of any future for mankind, the helpless inhabitants of this world. But I think it might be nice for some ignorant people to be not so ignorant of what really goes On... even if they have no real future.

There is a way, there is a hope, one keeps reminding oneself. But it is such a slim odd hope, pondering it in a dark corner of Hell, isn't it?

I always think of "hope" as a beautiful woman in chains in a dirty hole in an ancient abused palace below the surface, and I think of her as released and once again powerful and swift and all-wise over earth ... as Freya and Frigga and the Roman Minerva or the Greek goddess who gave Perseus his mirror and shield, Athena ... or as Aphrodite ...

They are once again in power over earth, with vast telaug fields of thought making everyone's thinking right and good and well meaning. Instead of 'tother way round, as it is now ... with`Biafra an inevitable enigma to our helpless "statesmen" who can manage words but never food for starving children. Statesmen who can send fleets of bombers over North Vietnam, but never a fleet of food planes over Biafra.(Ed. note: obviously Shaver wrote this during the Biafran famine).

Such phenomena tell me that the telaug fields over earth are ill-intended, and not from the mind of any well meaning "Hope" eternal at all. Such things as the year after year starvation in Biafra tell me they are but things helpless in the mental toils of evil telaug fields.

Statesmen who can't admit openly there is any such thing as a UFO for pure fear of their own safety, rulers who never once have an opinion about the UFO or the underworld or the ancient "secrets" that are secrets only in their minds ... their own duped minds.)

Their cowardice and lack of openness on these subjects leads me to think the worst of our world's rulers and leaders, even though I know better ... I cannot love them at all.

Everyone who knows anything about the telaug or the underworld knows that the "secret" is an open secret in so many places ... talked about and obeyed... yet they all think the "commoners" don't know. Every minute of their silence on these subjects is a cowardly lie.

To one who knows this whole picture of avoiding all public mention of UFO and their deeds ... the cowardice exhibited by our leaders and publicists and news gatherers in this area ... is not so much disgusting as the smell of death for the race of man.

They are like dead creatures...rotting as they walk.

Never could they get 'round to really getting the food planes into Biafra. Never could they get 'round to forcing North Vietnam to the peace table. And never can they get 'round to doing anything about world pollution ... or city wide reconstructions. But they can make wonderful frustrated sounds about it all.

They are word mongers, doing their best with the only tools left them: words. Which is what I do too ... try to make words serve the purpose for they are all I have. The real power is in other hands ... and to admit that is the last thing they can do, which is my only real charge, my only indictment of their posturing. Why not just tell the truth and let the consequences prove the point?

Somehow, it is a real indictment.

With genuine rulers, like the Aegir, such puppets would not exist. They would reflect actual courage, actual qualities of real minds, genuine knowledge of the necessary courses and policies.

So it is one knows there are no gods active on earth ... by the qualities their puppets display. One knows by the death of a Dag Hammerskjold that the ray-fields were not benevolent, from any wise well-meaning Rodite, but from an evil source.

One knows by who dies and by who lives what the intentions of the real rulers are toward us. When a Stalin lives so long, and a Kennedy dies so young we know without discussion what is intended toward lowly ones.

When the Aegir ruled, the Norns alone could break a man's string and end his life on earth, Today, it seems it is allowed to any idiot to murder or worse.

Few people on the surface realize how much events betray the underworld and their intent ... or what the steady influx of furtive UFO really mean to the population of earth.

When the Aegir ruled earth, and the world was young a mind could be itself, without hamper or tamper obscuring all the self-originated thought. Then, a tiniest prayer brought instant response, and in truth a sparrow did not fall unnoticed.

Today, even those who use the phrase do not know what it means ... not a sparrow shall fall unnoticed. In the Aegir's time it meant that not a bird would die unavenged.

I go on in this vein to make you realize and visualize what the Aegir were and what we have lost by losing all their know-how and all their power.

Later ages after successive moon-falls had wrecked all the lovely ancient work all over earth, and buried so much of it forever under mud and flood rubble ... have talked of the Aegir and told tales about them. Mostly ignorant tales and wrong, but still, like our "Bible" retaining some few possibilities of genuine ancient truth.

For instance, the Valhalla legends ... where warriors live to fight and are healed again at night fall ... are memories of the ancient hospitals of healing rays that could in fact bring a dead man back to life and reknit smashed bones and broken heads in minutes.

These we concentrations of the same nutrients and healing bodies that the body itself uses to heal a wound ... poured into place by penetrative vibration; healing right through bone and tissue in the path, focused on the injury in a perfection not equaled today.

They can do a job that would take the healing processes weeks or months in minutes. This was the kind of medicine the Aegir possessed, manufactured, sold and used themselves. The product of endless ages of the mental progress of space races, brought to earth and built into their homes and their hospitals. In later centuries, after moon-fall #1, some of these abandoned places still functioned ... in lesser and less able hands than the original inhabitants.

Here begins the final installment...

I think the later legends and tales of Odin and his eye, and the warrior maids who took the dead to "Valhalla," stem from actual use of these original hospitals by later groups...some of them using the ancient "Aegir" name as if it were their own.

Some of these places still exist...mostly wrecked, and the machines carried off to space by the UFO (that do not exist, you know) but still with some potential to benefit to our modern ignorant medicine.

But we cant have them, wrecked and looted as they are, dare not even know they're there!

That is what I mean by a cowardly non-talking minority who deny us even this much...the wrecked, looted palaces of our forebears. By their acquiescence in the old, old secretiveness about the buried cities, they cost earth its last, least chance of any life at all.

So I try ‹ alone and misunderstood ‹ to bring you what others should give you openly... to tell what the word Aegir once meant long ago, and what it could mean again, if we had access to any part of their vast medical science, with itąs source in space so very long ago.

How can I talk about the Aegir and the Vi-kings without telling what they could mean to us today, if we knew the truth.

You see, the original word Vi-king never did mean Free-booter, it meant what the wand and snake mean today . the Caduceus of the medical fraternity.

The Aegir meant healing, and life and hospitality to all space travelers...once.

Today, like all our words, the meaning has gone out of its phrases and sounds,. leaving only a misty empty sound, as of some ancient vanished glory.

It is the glory of truth and justice and beauty and well-meant medicine, not the prostitute that our medicine so often is today.

Did you know there are doctors who will tell you you need a knee operation and lame you for life, just to get your medical insurance? There are, and I know it from personal experience, not hearsay.

To me such a doctor is a monster, yet he goes on and on as if he were in truth a "Doctor."

In the time of Aegir rule, there were the Norns to hear such men's thoughts, and there were the seldom seen, but always feared Spayderines to remove them from life.

In those days, it wasn't safe to plan a mutilation for never lived to prosecute the plan. In fact, it wasnąt even safe to plan to make something twice alike.,,, they discouraged such repetition, They knew better, from long experience with production lines and automation on a worldwide scale.

Can you imagine a law against making anything "twice alike"?

Such a law today would put a lot of us to work, who only dream of being artisans now.

Today, the production lines become automated all over the world, and what will we do with the humans who once tended them? Not that such repetitive work was anything to get excited about.

The Aegir ruled... and nothing on earth was exactly exactly like anything else.

That doesnąt make sense to you? Well, think of all the artists who would go to work if there were no reproductions.

The Aegir insured full employment in an intensely crowded world. With just one law: "Nothing twice alike"!

Simple, isnąt it.? But think of the judges who had to rule on necessary exceptions to the law, and there had to be some exceptions. Judges capable of actually figuring that out!

In the days of the Aegir, a judge was actually expected to be able to think and judge, .or else meet the Norns head on. The Norns kept them honest.

A lot of us would be walking if all cars were custom made.

The air would be cleaner, and the engines in the custom made cars would not be allowed to be poison-gas makers. You would have to be content with with a custom-made steamer, I suppose.

In the days of the Aegir, a man could live on and on for many, many centuries... because the air was purified in the living domes, and the water was purified of all the age-causing radio-actives.

All over earth, such age causing substances were removed from air and water and from almost all the food by mechanisms that drew it out magnetically.

These poisons were stored in vast sealed vaults to hold it inactive forever. It was the moon-fall that fractured these strange vaults and brought sudden age up in earth...and shortened the life span to its present brief 3/4 century.

Now do you see what the word AEGIR meant to earth? It meant technology put to work in actuality, instead of in wordy works on shelves.

Today we have a technology of words, while the poisons of our industry kill our cities and lakes, and our rivers are aflame with industrial wastes, what good are words when it is acts we need.

Like the word Aegir, what has it come to mean but a mist of the past? So will it be with all the race of man, if he does not learn to act with what he knows. We inherit our know-how from our ancestors, and we inherit evil from the underworld of secrecy and evil stupidity.

The Aegir ruled through the Norns. łNorns˛ is almost the same sort of word as Rodite, but with a less imperative and more free concept of rule.

The world was ruled by a network of telaug fields, covering the whole globe, both above and. below. Below the surface was where people lived, tier on tier and dome on dome, city above city.

The surface was like a virgin forest, only mores ... yet every plant was tended and a part of the whole. I think the "littles" were a designed part of this ecology, and that they lived more above ground than the larger races.

the Norns listened to the whole network of the fields of the telaug, and not a sparrow was injured, in fact, without some of their staff knowing all about it and passing up the information if it was important.

With our present wanton waste of the life-structure of our world, all this use of immense world-wide built-in information networks is only lately coming to be accepted as a part of life. (editorąs note: donąt forget, Shaver was written long before the Internet). But to the Aegir, it was the warp and woof of life itselfŁ...everything had to be known and weighed and judged. Every life had to be understood and its usefulness to the rest of life known. Or the opposite, and steps taken to remove it.

Today, if we had "thought police"... and rebuilt the ancient networks of communications once again...this sort of world rule could become again fact.

This was the fact of their freedom, a complete obeisance to the Common Good, and a perfect removal of all threats to the common ecology of life. That is what freedom has to be to exist...a usefulness to the rest of the free world. Today we use the word "freedom" as if it meant chaos.

Words, when they used them at all, were only used for notations, for formulae, for ordinary communications. Most communications took place with the instantaneous swiftness of thought, and they recorded what was necessary in the same short-hand...thought itself.

The Norns were the heads of this communication system...actually "Lons" who sacrificed the rest of peace...the common right to die when the time comes. They lived on and on, not so much because they wanted to, but because the rest of the world needed them alive.

Immortals were not considered the luckiest of people. Living too long is not exactly fun, not when every pleasure wearies and is old ‹ old repetitions of things long ago worn out. But they lived on, in their specially-built life chambers because the race needed their wisdom.

We cannot in any way imagine exactly how their minds is too much like putting a gallon into a quart measure. But we try to imagine how it was.

The Norns were the key body of this world-wide structure of rule by the telaugmentive apparatus. They held the power of life and death over all the lower sort of lives on earth. They could cut a man's thread of life, and they did...when he deserved it.

All you had to do to avoid this fate was to be of some real use on earth, and to mean well by the rest of the world.

I wonder what the Norns would do with the threads of life today...if their gigantic seats were not today empty? What would be the fate of our polluting industrialists, who can place a dollar ahead of the health of multitudes?

One of the things the Norns had to check continually was the "in" of various life forms. The microcosm gave the key to character, when all else failed. Today we have no least concept of what the "in" really means to life-forms.

Look at it this way...a good-natured and playful dolphin is good-natured because even in the micro-cosmic interstices of his being the little lives are healthy and well-meaning.

But if you found micro-cosmic ants infesting the very smallest part of a life-form, the life itself would have to be sacrificed to remove the threat.

That is, provided the medical fraternity had not found a remedy for the infestation. Which was rarely the case, under the Aegir.

A question keeps recurring: "Were the Aegir amphibious, deep-water or land people?"

The answer is a bit shrouded in the mists of time. I think the Aegir came here as space people. I think they knew the secrets of near-immortal life when they came. I think they bred and raised hundreds of species of animals, thousands of kinds of plants.

And I think that after the first moon fall, they never set foot on earth again. I think that in the interim periods of man's history, the name Aegir was used, and abused by other groups...two or more sets of "Aegir'' in different interims.

Neither of these "later" Aegir were the true immortals ‹ neither of them were the wise original "gods." They were impostors, using the ancient phrases as if they owned the right.

I think the same about the Greek gods and their pantheon, and the Roman "gods" and their pantheon; they were impostors, posing as the true ancient rulers, living in their abandoned homes...working "miracles" with their abandoned devices.

Once you get the long, long view of the interim cultures and their obeisance to impostors and freebooters from space (perhaps) the picture of pre-history begins to clear up a bit.

This is the true perspective on the past. The original periods of true greatness did contain God-like wisdom and power. Later periods contained only people lifted to the eminence of power by pretense of God-like wisdom. That they did not have much real wisdom is evidenced by the tragic course of events under the "gods."

For example, take Homer's account of the siege of Troy and study it for the "gods" part in the tragic siege. Study out the instigation, the playing with various characters by the Goddesses, etc.

Such intervention in human affairs by the "gods" can very often be traced, once you know it is there. But Homer says it right out loud. In almost all these latter period accounts, such intervention is never to anyone's benefit, but is only a cruel game played from afar by the "gods"...using the telaug and the telemach.

Apollo's second name was "Telemachus." And he did ‹ make us, that is.

But not to our benefit , in fact.

This cruel intervention and destruction of whole peoples, as in the siege of Troy, is typical of all latter day history, and is, in fact the whole of man's history.

There is only one instance in the whole sorry history of man when a surface man got near enough to a "god" to put a spear in him. That incident is in Homer, and it never happened again.

II we could have gotten close enough, the whole sorry game would have been ended before it began.

Like Homer and Socrates, I have little respect for the gods of earth, other than to acknowledge their existence and to say, they never grew up on earth, but on some pest-hole planet of evil.

We have had some friendly benevolent "gods," true enough. But not enough of them to accept the whole tribe as genuine people with genuine human characters.

Like the fellow who invited the gods to dinner in the Greek play, and served them human flesh...Iąd be in doubt myself what to serve or which kind they were.

I have been well treated by the "gods" and yet led a miserable existence... like the man says: "with friends like that, who needs enemies?"

One can know the gods only to pity their endless involvement with the toils of evil.

If you want to understand the gods of Earth and what they have been to surface man, just read that play... is it the play called Any Greek Tragedy...(House of Atreus, Clytemnestra) The gods have been as often plagues to all mankind as often as benevolent usurpers of all that truly belongs to the people of earth. Today, this plaguing of our peoples goes on as it did in what we call ancient times...the time of Greece when it was the home of Homer, and the time of Egypt. But today it is less openly talked about or understood than it was then.

There is an endless war in the underworld between those who want to make earth fit for "gods," and those who want to destroy everything. To understand this war is just as difficult as to understand a seems to have no beginning and no end but death.

Just remember that all of it is latter-day, after moon-fall ignorance, in the underworld as well as on the surface. Our gods were ignorant impostors, usurping and destroying all the remnants of the ancient wisdom and the mechanisms left behind by the great races. They have always been and the curse of earth.

: Yet, in spite of one's resentment of the evil in the underworld and what all their selfish monopoly has done to us all, there is today, and has always been, a good part of the underworld engaged in trying to "do something for us" in spite of all the evil monopoly.

It is this good part one tries to align oneself with, only to be refused any real part in their doings or their warrings.

After a life-time of experience with it, one comes to understand the refusal. It would only result in death, as no-one lives without the utmost skill with the ancient apparatus in their struggles.

Then too, in all such refusal there is the "rock curtain"... the very process of "joining" is much too complex an undertaking, like the Greek accounts of journeys to Hades... it is much too lengthy an undertaking, and the results much too puny to be worth the effort.

So one can scorn the whole history of selfish monopoly, only to learn the whole business is much more complex than one can grasp.

The picture is very much like the Hippies and the "establishment," they can neither "join" the establishment nor can they resent it all in any really effective way, except with a torch.

To join the establishment is to be enslaved by an assembly line or a monotonous, unlovely "job." And to use the torch and the bomb is to destroy everything one wants to achieve. There is no genuine available "answer" to the thing.

So, to understand the "Aegir'' one must distinguish between the first Aegir and the latter gods who were never our friends, but always enemies according to the legends. Even when they were friends... as when Athena helped this Greek against that Greek, the result was just as bad or worse than if she had kept her nose out of it.

I am reminded of Homer, showing us how Apollo stepped aside to let the spear pass into Venus, when I read some passage lauding the glorious Apollo.

One can worship the gods or a god, and still suffer all one's life from the others, as the sufferings of Job were directly traceable to his friendship with "God."

If you recall Job, "God" let it all happen to "test" his devotion, or his faith, or some such phrase.

One must realize the gods have always been less than appreciative of our worship, and quite tyrannical and destructive and cruel on the whole.

One can sing of being led to a pasture and allowed to lie in the green meadow. Or one can say "they treat us like cattle." Both are true and one and the same.

Today the UFO dart about our skies, and we are supposed to ignore them and what they may mean to us, What are they up to anyway?

By studying history, one can assume that any profit in all that UFO activity will be usurped by others than earthers... and that our only share in it will be utter loss.
The End (of the Beginning?)

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