Ye Ed

Foraging Through Palmer's FORUM
by Doug Skinner

Shaver Declared a Master Surrealist!
by Brian Tucker

Visions of a Subterranean Wonderworld
by Doug Skinner

The View From Summit

Teros in the 20th Century!
by Charles A. Marcoux

Sap's Bible
by Richard S. Shaver

Dero Tamper -- 1983 A.D.

Richard Shaver, Artist

The N! Chronicles

RAP'S Corner

Fear Down Below
by Bruce Wright

by Richard Shaver

Shavertron Back Issues

Shaver Mystery by Blaster

Richard Shaver: A Curiosity...
Bernadette Bosky

The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers
by John A. Keel

The MIB, Reptilians and You!
by "TAL"

"Vietnam" A poem by the Unknown Soldier

The Aegir & the Everlasting Vi-Mech
by Richard Shaver

The Subterranean River Caverns of California

by Bill Bliss

Hollow Earth Map

The Fata Morgana, a Fairyland in the Sky