UFOs--Wicked This Way Comes: The Dark Side of the Ultra-Terrestrials.
Global Communications, 267 pages, 8.5x11" format, 2013. Sold on Amazon.com.

In this episode, we find Mr. UFO has corralled his podners from The Smoky God (Sean Casteel, Scott Corrales, Tim Swartz, Peter Robbins, and Brad Steiger) for a wild ride through the badlands of ufology!

The bad guys are coming from INSIDE our planet, not from the Bar None Ranch, and they don't wear black hats either. They look kind of grayish, short, with large heads, big eyes, and they have a mean streak that won't quit!

Tim doesn't pull any punches with this edition, released this year. In his introduction, aptly titled, "Exposing the Fear Factor," Mr. UFO lays it on the line: "All is not rosy in UFOland as it might appear on the surface!"

That said, he is in lock step with what Richard S. Shaver always claimed, that we're in a life and death struggle with The Vermin From Space (His pamphlet by that name. But in the case of Tim's book, it's The Vermin From INNER Space).

Mr. UFO, along with John Keel, calls the so-called space entities "ultra-terrestrials." These are defined as "...any entity that comes out of or is associated with a UFO, since we cannot really determine their origin..." (page 6)

Since these ultra-terrestrials have been with us for a long time--probably as long or longer than human beings have populated Earth--they have their knarly hands in most of our affairs. In fact, these guys have messed with us for so long, Mr. UFO had to include a whole lot of source material in this book.

He speculates that these entities may have been involved with the likes of Adolf Hitler, too. Something that would have been handy to know back in 1939! It could have added a new front to the War: the Battle for the Inner Earth.

UFOs--Wicked This Way Comes is a great sampling of vintage and recent UFO saucer abductee material, everything from abductee Karla Turner's account of her run-in with hostile entities, to my favorite, an account of a "vegetable man" that sucked the blood right out of his victim's body in a kind of hypnotic transfusion. After the attack, the veggie man suddenly "...turned and ran up the hill in great leaping jumps, covering 25 feet or more in each leap..."

A fun and terrifying read for a long, dark winter's night.