Telaug Basics

by Jorge Resines
Reprinted from Shavertron #25, Spring 1986

How many of us Shaver Mystery buffs have courage enough to approach one of those 'dime-a-dozen' scientist/technicians to ask the famous question: 'Is it possible to broadcast words directly into the brain via telepathy using electronic/mechanical devices?'

If you have, chances are the answer was: 'No, man, that's impossible. You must be psycho if you think so!' Obviously, whomsoever answered like this was not aware of the existence of an electronic device known colloquially as the 'Neurophone' invented by Dr. Gillis Patrick Flanagan, and patented by him under US Patent ~ 3,393,279.

But, our objector may retort that this device does not broadcast words at a distance into the brain directly, but does so through electrodes in direct or semi-direct contact with certain portions of the body. To overcome this objection, I wrote this installment. One of the features of the Meier case (Swiss contactee, Billy Meier and his 'Pleides' contact--RT) that Mr. Meier received telepathic messages indicating where he was to go in order to photograph the alleged Pleiadan craft. I suppose most of the readership is aware that the Soviet Union has possessed (at least since 1968) psychotronic devices capable of influencing minds at a distance. This made me jump to the (now considered wrong) conclusion that only the Ruskies could be behind the whole event.

After w re careful consideration and a short search in my files, I came up with material that somewhat counterbalances my former assumption, and levels the odds so that either of the superpowers could be behind it. What can be the reasons for this experimenting? I don't know, perhaps it was the idea to create a 'cosmic religion' in which the gods of old were to be replaced by fake 'space brothers' that could manipulate the consciousness of the faithful, and turn them into willful co-workers, for whatever purpose. Nothing good can be expected from either the CIA or the KGB as we all know.

Now, my former statement does not invalidate the existence of true and honest space people that may want sincerely to befriend us (they're courageous, indeed!) 1 say this because technological prowess does not mean spiritual evolution, with the next example we all know, to wit: Both the USA and the USSR are on a par in terms of technological advancement.

I am not speaking of scientific progress, which is something entirely different. Neither of the superpowers is scientifically advanced, they just improve defective technology. Neither is, analytically speaking, an honest power; both will resort to any means to attain their goals. As a citizen of a Third World country, I know what Iım speaking about; my homeland has been exploited to the utmost just for the sake of increasing the welfare of the ruling classes of both superpowers; so I see no difference between any of them.

Returning to the subject of this section, I did find that by altering one of Dr. T.T. Brown's inventions, it IS possible to broadcast words at a distance directly into the brain, provided the device has a directional antenna and is aimed toward the subject. It can broadcast radial messages (either words or music) by modulating gravity waves through use of electricity as primary exciter.

As each human being is affected by gravitic waves (we stick to the floor, usually) it IS possible to use them to resonate the aura of any body just by aiming a directional antenna at the subject and modulating the output to affect the aura of the individual. The pulsing of the aura makes the brain receive the transmitted message directly without the intervention of any stage of the ear. By reversing the direction of flow of the antenna beam, I think it is possible to collect the thoughts of the subject (to what extent-quality and power they can be amplified I don't know) and listen to them through the earphone/microphone combination of the transceiver. I am not exaggerating. Everything is a matter of modulation and a few changes in the original device.

But, and this is very interesting, the 'listener/broadcaster' has the disadvantage of being also receptive to any directed beam of thoughts. Whenever the apparatus is in the receiving mode it must also amplify the intensity of the thought received and if you narrow the beam and intensity to the utmost of your capability, it may possibly harm the operator, perhaps kill him. So, this is a two-edged sword to be used with great care for you never know when the prey will become the hunter.

This device can be mounted inside a flying saucer and, voila! we receive a 'message' from the Pleides. But things may not be that easy. I think the receiving may be affected (again, to what extent I don't know) by the force field enveloping the vehicle. To learn more, write to our CIA friends at Langley, Virginia, or the KGB comrades, Moscow, U.S.S.R.