The Smoky God and Other Inner Earth Mysteries. Global Communications, 354 pages, 2013. Sold on

Before there was Dick Shaver's underworld there was Olaf Jansen's. It took Olaf a lot longer to reach his version of the underworld than it did Shaver, because Olaf had to sail on his father's fishing boat through uncharted iceberg-infested waters to the North Pole to find a race of giants that lived inside Earth.

Thus began the tale of The Smoky God, now reprinted by Timothy Green Beckley's Global Communications, along with other Inner Earth yarns and speculations about our mysterious planet. The book is sub-titled "And Other Inner Earth Mysteries" (Updated/Expanded Edition). Beckley takes a smattering of chapters from his other publications to make this book an eclectic all-Inner Earth edition.

You'll find a chapter written by Ray Palmer (from his magazine, Flying Saucers) where Rap presents his case for Earth-based flying saucers coming from one or both poles. There's a section on Mt. Shasta and the "Girl from Beneath Mt. Shasta." Even the Nazis make an appearance for their interest in Agartha, in Dennis Crenshaw's "Why Were the Nazi War Machine and the U.S. Waging an All-Out Battle to Get to the Poles First?"

A real collection of Inner Earth memorabilia, this volume has it all! With an introduction by Mr. UFO himself.