This is an artifact from 1970s saucerdom.
If you know what it is, drop us a line at the link above.
We will post the winner, if there is one, on this page.

It is Mr. Timothy Green Beckley of NYC (Mr. UfO).

Mr. UfO

Mr. Beckley correctly identified the small red disk as one of Ted Owen's
mysterious psi disks, used for contacting the Space Intelligences (SI's).
Here's Mr. UfO's reply, posted on the Shavertron Forum. [Which everyone should join! - Ed]

Mr. UfO: "Please dont send me the SI disk - I have a thousand of them here!
There were some testimonals in [Gray] Barker's original material when the first edition came out [How To Contact Space People].
I reprinted the book last year and so I have been offering them with the chip.
It's the symbol that had the power not the chip. You just sort of carry it or use it when you play cards I guess.
I had an original SI disc so I just had a poker chip company recreate the art and print it on a thousand of them."

Pathetically, Shavertron does not have a prize to give Mr. UfO, but we pledge to review his next 20 books in lieu of that.