Bones of "Mysterious Beast"

Wonderful Wells

Explorer Finds Cave Men

Underground River

Illinois Cavern

Illinois Spelunk

Cave of the Giants

Reno, Nevada

Negro Hill, California

San Diego, California

Strange Eyeless Fish

Built by The Little People?

Crawford County, Indiana

Japanese Deros

Nakimu Caves

Josephine County, Oregon

Wonderful Cave In Iowa

Further Discoveries in Mammoth Cave

Churchward's Lemuria

Meagher County, Montana

Discovery of Mammoth Cave

"A Home of Elves and Sprites"

An Illinois Cave

The Library of Anhulwarra

German Cave

The Great Indiana Cave

Geologist Missing in
Nick-a-Jack Cave

Cave Temples of India

Amazing Toltec Ruins

The Cave of Luray

Mexican Mystery Race

Early Description of Mammoth Cave

"We Advise..."

"Under the Dome"

Buried Ancient Town

Ancient Mexican Ruins

Subterranean Sea

Subterranean City Found

Newly Found Pits

Over a Cavern...

Immense Underground Passage

Mysterious Cave with Strange Fish

Montana Mystery Cave

Obituary: Richard S. Shaver

A Fictional Description

Crystal Cave in Miniature

Grand Gulf Cavern

Spelunker Finds Mystery Fish

Faces in Stones Pre-date Shaver!

Human Remains Found in Huge Cave

Black Venus

Tunnel Linked to Druids

Subterranean Incan Dwellings Discovered

More on Incan Discoveries, 1939

Ancient Mile-Long Gallery Discovered Underground

Exploration of Cave With Halls & Waterfall

Remarkable River Beneath Texas

Underground City Explored in Grand Canyon

Unexplored Cave at Gran Quivira

Mexican Pyramids

Tunnels Found Under Harcourt House

Tunnels Connect Texas Missions

Florida Sinkholes

Another Pompeii

Cuban Subterranean Passages

Underground City of the Dead, Alexandria, Egypt

Ancient Buried City Nr. Moscow

Mysterious Toltec Ruins

Subterranean River Found in France

Underground Lake Discovered in Indiana

Deepest Cellar On Record

The Fire That Never Goes Out