Howard Menger
February 17, 1922 - February 25, 2009

Obit by Timothy Green Beckley

Many will have heard the sad news that one of the last of the "original" contactees from the 1950s recently passed. Howard Menger claimed many contacts in and around his home in High Bridge, NJ, which were confirmed by others reporting similar experiences near Howard's home.  Took photographs of what he said were beings from space standing in from of their craft. He also worked on what he maintained was a free energy craft. Was visited by the MIB -- and so on.

Regardless of his claims - believe them or not? - Howard was a wonderful guy with much to say, and did much to stimulate thought in the early days of our own space program.

He made talk show history when he appeared on the Long John Nebel Show (the first all night paranormal program broadcast on WOR out of NYC) many, many times.

Howard claimed to have met space people behind his house in High Bridge, NJ, and was the author of From Outer Space To You.

He claimed to have been to the far side of the moon, been given a space potato and had a run in with secret agents when his home built flying saucer crashed landed about l50 miles from its launch pad.

It was at Menger's famous outdoor UFO conference that photographer Augie Roberts took several photographs of a very handsome group of individuals who seemed to be enjoying the proceedings.

Dr Frank Stranges identified one of the men as Val Thor his space brother friend from inside the planet Venus.

When Menger's book was published he refused to promote it and later claimed that the work was part fact, part fiction and that much of the information was given to him by the silence group so that he could release it to the public to gage their reaction about UFO sightings and potential contacts.

Menger later went back on this story and began lecturing on free energy, space travel and so forth. He had a great sense of humor and once drove all the way from Vero Beach, FL to San Diego to speak for our conspiracy expo.

One of Howard's many accomplishments was the recording of an album Music From Another Planet.  Its been out of print for many years, but we recently transferred it from LP to Audio CD and are happy to send it to anyone "virtually for free." in exchange for two dollars or 5 first class stamps to cover mailing cost.

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Its a marvelous piece of music. . . and it may have been inspired by Howard's Space Brother friends.

Thank you, Howard for a marvelous lifetime of cosmic adventure.

Timothy Beckley