by Lewis W. Johannes

Reprinted from SEARCH MAGAZINE, May 1976

After we had received and had read all of the "Hidden World" series books and had had a chance to go back and re-read some of them, my wife and I decided to attempt construction of the receiver that was described in the winter 1963 (A-12) issue.

Since we lived in a large city (Seattle, Washington) there was no problem in the accumulation of all the parts that were necessary in the construction. We even had the good luck to find all of the 954 Acorn tubes that were needed with no problem, considering that they have not been made since the end of the second world war.

As electronics is my normal field of endeavor, the construction of the receiver went fast, and soon it was on the air. From the onset of its use there were a lot of very strange things received, but we soon found that there was no guarantee on how long or how well it would work.

The most common type of reception was the very low level audio signals in short snatches that seemed to be not at all connected interspersed with "pings" like that made on a lightly stretched wire or very hollow echo chamber noises. A lot of the audio that was received seemed also lo be in several foreign languages, and as it was so weak, it was not possible lo record it as was planned. We were able to receive some phrases that sounded like "in the caves", "coming down" and "will keep them out, if we are able."

After the set had been in operation for approximately two weeks, it decided that it was no longer going to function as it was intended. Not being at all discouraged, we proceeded to try to fix it by replacing all the bad components that we were able to find, which we did, and there were several. Still it would not work, so we set it aside for weeks while we were on vacation, and when we tried it again it worked, again for about two weeks, and once again stopped. This time we completely rebuilt it and no matter how we tried it would not function, even when we allowed it to "rest."

At this same time we were involved in the production of the Shaver Mystery Research Society Bulletin, which was taking a lot of time, so it was decided that we would dismantle it and try some time in the future. With that in mind all the parts were carefully removed, placed together in one safe place and forgotten for nearly three years.

Approximately three weeks ago, I decided to once again build the receiver, but to my dismay was unable to do so as nearly half the components that we had saved were missing, including the special tube sockets that are needed for the tubes specified.

It was possible to reorder the sockets, but it was then found that two of the tubes that we had so carefully wrapped and saved had been broken, so it was again necessary to order them from a source in Texas. At this date they still have not been received.

At the time that the original receiver had been in operation, a number of unusual happenings had been noted in the log of Shaverian happenings here al the house. One was the incredibly bad telephone service that we received during that time with the same strange noises that we had heard on the receiver.

All of these noises were on the incoming lines and were not apparent on our end of the line, but were reported by those who had called to us.

Another was the presence of a very distinct "doorway" that appeared on the north wall of our bedroom. This door was found by running your hand over the wall about two inches from it, and it seemed to feel like the air that seeps around the door of an old "leaky " house, but was very cold. There did not seem to be any visible outline of this door, but there were very many people who had "felt" its presence. Our cats at that time would not under any circumstances go into the bedroom, which prior to that time was one of the most favored plates in the house to them.

There was also received two letters from some person or persons unknown telling us to stop the work that we were doing. These letters were very odd in that they were written on what appeared to be aluminum foil, and with a typewriter that had characters made up of what appeared to be small dots, rather than continuous lines. These letters along with the almost constant tampering of our mail was a sore point that even confused the Postal Authorities when they were reported.

The above are only some of the manifestations that were noted at the time that the receiver was in operation. I would be very curious to know if there were others who had built the receiver and what if any luck they had in its operation or if there were any odd happenings that they had noted. I am sure that there were some who tried, and I would like to hear from them.

In thinking about the occurrences that we had experienced, I have this to say.

(A) The components that were used were designed for operation at a maximum frequency of one meter. That is a frequency of 300 megahertz, well over that normally used for communications, except for experimental work and some television.

(B) I believe that the unit in operation will act as a type of "transponder", that is it, will reflect a signal that is being broadcast and will act as a locator to those who to be searching for operation on or at that frequency.

(C) I think that the receiver will allow the entry into the area of operation certain forces or "rays" that will allow those who are looking to oversee and harass whomever is trying to get the unit to work. This action will be on a strictly mental level and will soon cause the experimenter to loose vitality or interest if they persist in their work.

(D) The only way to get away from this action is to dismantle the device and go on to other fields of endeavor, as they will have located you and will be able to watch over the long range "telaug" devices that they have. It would also be advisable to move if you are able, to aid in getting away from them. We were able to do so by halting all that we had been doing on the Shaver Mystery and leaving all such interests alone for three years. Now, we are trying to get back into the swing of things.

I hope that this article will enable us to contact those who tried the receiver and if they have the courage to do so, write to us and let us know what has happened to them.

We can be contacted at this address:

Lewis and Anita Johannes
16910 25th N.E.
Seattic, Wash. 98155