A Shavertron Editorial by Richard S Shaver

From a carbon copy typed by Shaver...date unknown
Used by permission from the Brian Tucker Collection/ All rights reserved/ Do not reproduce/Dero art by Tucker

(Editor's Note: This particular Shaver theme was from his "Vermin from Space" UFO period, and was well-known among his correspondents in the early 1970s)

The ability to see the past and its effect on the future, the ability to understand life as it was and what it has become...is a GRIM TALENT, burdening one with the awful weight of a mythical God.

One strives desperately to find a way to rescue the last slim sprout of Ygdrasil from the worms that have destroyed the tree. But there is no way to make them hear...there are only worms in their heads, making them deaf to all but the shrieking worm cries.

There appears to be no way to warn them, their minds are under attack from the cradle to the grave by idiots trying to overwhelm them with telaugmented nonsense from their secret hidey-holes.

All one's words are canceled by the ever-present lie, augmented and spread everywhere by the vast powers of the ancient ro-mech. Canceled out...is the future of man. Pushed in is the idiot present , everywhere sprawling more and more of its mess of planned degradation of all Mankind.

How does one warn them? It's like getting an idiot to tie his shoe strings to keep from falling... the idiot won't listen because he can't listen. And he falls, always falls. All their lives are spent falling down, and getting up to go to work for the enemy again. Who is the enemy? How do you show: them their enemy?

The enemy is the ill-intended manufacturer who makes an electrical device that is a death trap of potential inflammatory and sells it everywhere that electricity is used. We think it's accidental damn foolishness. It isn't, it's planned destruction of humanity.

The enemy is the manufacturer who produces a pill like Thalidomide, supposed to help you to get to sleep that produced thousands an of mutilated armless, legless and brainless children.

We suppose that is an accident or stupidity in chemistry. It wasn't...it was a planned sabotage of the human race.

The enemy is the mindless scientist who put Gus Grissom into a pure oxygen atmosphere without even testing the contents of the capsule for oxygen flash-point, murdering three astronauts. Even the stupid scientist knew better, but he didn't DO BETTER, because his mind was ruled by the telaug, and the telaug was staffed by enemy agents sabotaging our space program.

Retarded children over the whole world are in far greater numbers than were before, due to poisons in gasoline and foods, and we think of it as an accidental accumulation of ills from industrialization. But it really isn't, it is planned sabotage from an enemy.

Who wants idiots on earth instead of sensible people building a genuinely inhabitable environment? An enemy wants it that way, is a fact that has to be understood and accepted.

The disillusion that grows everywhere more and more apparent in the average Joe...is no accident of the times. It is planned degradation of the morale of the race.

Who is this enemy who thinks he wants us all dead, degraded into idiocy, slaving away at jobs that make our environment ever worse? There is only one visible source for such a saboteur of the world we live in. It is the UFO borne saboteur, sent to destroy our world.

If it is not a UFO borne invader, then it has to be genuine insanity in the saddle in our basic industries, doesn't it?

Whichever it is, it has to be found out and something done about it. We expect Ralph Nader to tend to it all, don't we? Maybe we need some more Ralph Naders, more able ones, with more powers.

I talked to a man who worked for Underwriters. He told me he had tracked down and removed many thousands of plastic fuse boxes. Each of them was capable of exploding into fierce almost explosive fire...with just the right amount of electricity shorted into them.

Plastic explosive as fuse boxes is very amusing, isn't it? It's a fact, manufactured and sold all over the world. Maybe yours is sitting there waiting for the right moment to go off and burn you out.

This sort of thing is so common it isn't even notable. It is a result of planned sabotage of industry, of our earth life, and the Tee Vee programs like "The Invaders" have hardly managed to touch on the full description. It isn't "fiction" it is fact.

Thalidomide, plastic explosive fuse boxes, lead in your gasoline, smog ruining your cities for all sane life, fuel shortages stopping whole nations dead in their tracks...

What do you think?