Ԫ Weird Science

Weird Science & Bizarre Beliefs
By Dr. Gregory Reece

Like mythical Fox Mulder character on X-Files TV series, Gregory Reece, our next author "would like to believe" but can't do it anymore. Having been child of pulp and comic book heroes and other imaginative thinking, boyhood Reece grows up, goes to college to study philosophy and religion. Comes away changed. Magnetic pull of Mainstream Reason remove him from no holds barred boyhood thought patterns. Or has it?

For some reason, still, Reece drawn to tales of mystical hinterlands of human imagination. And so now we have Dr. Reece's latest journey to strange and semi-religulous territory, titled - "Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs!" No, he is not George Adamski type doctor. Dr. Reece got degree in California (though that still highly suspect to European sensibility).

But let good doctor speak for himself here:
"I like the people who, whether they know it or not, dare to be different, dare to think in an unapproved fashion about things we are not supposed to think about once we are all grown up. I may be a rather boring person, intellectually, but I get my kicks from those who take risks and are not afraid to make fools of themselves. I did not write this book ... to stamp out weird science and bizarre beliefs. I wrote this book to celebrate weird science and bizarre beliefs."

So there you have it. We find Mr. Reece torn between childhood dreams and grown-up desire to sell this book to REAL publisher, unlike Figbar, who pays vanity press to print his book, "Lithuanian Orb Goblins at Nazi Treasure Sites," (out of print after all five copies sold to students at Vilnius Seance Centre where Figbar teaches class).

In any case, back to review. Most recent celebration of weirdness by Dr. Reece is latest in series of semi-religous books, last one being about Elvis religion. Figbar was big convert to King many years ago. Elvis being banned in Lithuania during Soviet domination, but now totally OK to listen to "Clam Bake" on our Grundig hi-fi.

OK, new book has great cover art, much like Amazing Stories in good old days. My guess is I. B. Tauris big enough publisher to afford real cover artist, too! Figbar now total jealous. Cousin Jurgis did cover of orbs book with Mac Paint.

Dr. Reece did homework, though, and we find that book is very thorough overview of various topics, touching on crytozoology (Bigfoot); Hollow Earth and Shaver Mystery; and radionics type stuff like Tesla inventions.

Have to wonder about interior illustrations, though, which mostly come from grade B movies being shown on Lithuanian TV as we speak. Your book reviewer questions use of such illos, like this one in hollow earth chapter...

Caption for this one should be "What the...?! Did Superman know Richard Shaver?"

Figbar got no problemo, however, with good doctor's next hollow earth illo:

Caption for this one "Chicka bow-wow."

Confusing to say least, but obvious result of Dr. Reece inner conflict. Illos help to "lighten up" subject matter. We find commentary on Shaver well done, even semi-empathetic one might say. And he gives Shavertron a nice plug, so for that Dr. Reece deserve three hips hooray and three thumbs up!

And Dr. Reece not just armchair scholar! He forges into hinterlands with backpack and tape recorder in search of bizarre belief systems. Travels all over USA looking for people to help him believe. And he finds them! Finds weird stuff and bizarre science!

So, in conclusion, we say "let go and find your bliss" Dr. Reece! Put on bolo tie and Beatle boots! Live in trailer in Mojave Desert! Become one with world of strange and unbelievable! It may ruin career as paid author, but you will find great happiness in long run, being wacko like rest of us. (Well, Figbar is speaking only for self here).

Can find Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs on Amazon.com