Ԫ Lithuanian Sinkholes

Figbar's Lithuanian Sunkholes!

Some Shavertron readers wondering how Figbar Tobar got own book review section in esteemed online Shavertron zine. I tell you how! Because of Lithuanian sunkholes!

We have many here, and quirky Shavertron editor thinks sunkholes enough experience for book reviewer.

There are many sunkholes in Lithuania, mostly in Birzai, but in other regions too.

Names of few sunkholes (using English letters which are not same as Lithuanian...

1. Geologu duobe
2. Jaronio karstine jgriuva
3. Klevu duobe
4. Lapes Ola
5. Velyku duobe
6. Karves Ola
7. Kruopio duobe

These loosely translated are:

1. Geology hole
2. Jaron bringing down the fever
3. Maple hole
4. Fox-Ola
5. Easter hole
6. Cows Ola
7. Grains hole
Here is link to Birzai sunkhole site!