Ԫ The Hollow Earth Hassle

The Hollow Earth Hassle
by Mary Martin, Tim Swartz
and Timothy G. Beckley

We are almost worn out with hip hoorays for Mr. UFO, Timothy Green Beckley, BUT NOT YET! We still have Mary Martin's wonderful anthology of her well-known, famous, iconic Hollow Hassle fanzine from good old days!

Lucky reader of this fine work will get to read cream of Hassle issues crop by likes of Tal Levesque (MIB, Reptilians and You), Charles A. Marcoux (Blowing Cavern Disaster fame) and even Richard S. Shaver. Also has loads of great snapshots from Mary's personal photo album!

As with most Mr. UFO books, this one is larger format, like Hidden World series, reviewed elsewhere by yours truly.

Former glory days of underground zines like Hollow Hassle (and Shavertron) being long gone, one still gets great feeling of 1980s mailbox zines by reading this book.

Figbar never had chance to read original HH zine, and now nearlly impossible to find, even on Ebay. So two thumbs up to Mary Martin for giving Figbar big chance to read fabulous piece of hollow earth memorabilia! On Amazon.com