by Richard Toronto

After years of failed attempts to awaken scientists to the importance of Rock Books, Shaver (as well as W.G. Bliss) realized this continuing battle was never going to end.

Rather than give up, the two began fomenting a new strategy: Rock Fogo as High Art.

True, Shaver had been painting scenes from the rocks for years, but this was a new plan ... they would make actual rock photos look like art. Shaver had hoped THE SECRET WORLD would bring this plan to fruition. It didn't. Editor Ray Palmer had other plans. Besides, he never understood Shaver's Rock Pix (read the W.G. Bliss account of the making of THE SECRET WORLD). This "Rogfogo as Art" strategy is just another facet of Shaver's plan to bring Rock Books to the masses. W.G. Bliss continues to believe the only hope for Rock Book recognition is its art value.

Following is a letter from Shaver to Bliss which again reveals Shaver the idea man. This time he has come up with a way to market Rogfogo as art. Of course, the notion of a set of Rogfogo trading cards may sound a bit odd, but this is The Shaver Mystery, after all...

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