Beyond Lemuria's Second Edition

Review by Ye Ed

This cult classic has grown on me since it first release in 2007. This is its second edition, so to speak. Poke Runyon is the producer / screenwriter of this dream quest through an archetypal landscape of deros, angels, seekers of Truth and Light, and Lemurians both past and present. Add to this list Mt. Shasta, Phylos of Atlantis, Jesus Christ, Hermes Trismegistis, and a Transylvanian vampire, and you've got some idea of the cast of characters in Beyond Lemuria. Well, not exactly! Each of the main characters has his or her facsimile from another dimension that has temporarily overlapped in time and space. The evil dimensioners wear black and drive a black Hummer, while the seekers of Light dress in white and drive a silver SUV as they both race to mystical Mt. Shasta for very different reasons.

Our heroes in white have been instructed by various seers to "Go to California and climb Mt. Shasta," where they will learn the truth about the ancient civilization called Lemuria. The seekers of evil go to gain power over others by finding their way into a cave vortex. When Runyon's character, Dr. Marion Rowland, is asked to explain the difference between Atlanteans and Lemurians, he replies with professorial authority: "The Lemurians were the hippies and the Atlanteans were the yuppies. Can you grok that?" Few archeologists could put it more succinctly, no?

An added bonus with this DVD is a booklet in which Runyon champions science fiction pulp writer Richard S. Shaver's concept of a multi-dimensional universe called the Simultane. Shaver used this device in a novel divided into three parts, the last being published in Amazing Stories in 1949. It is Runyon's contention that the Simultane was in actuality Shaver's privately held belief about the location of the evil deros he so often wrote about in Amazing Stories.

When not making movies or hosting blogtalkradio's weekly radio show "The Hermetic Hour," Runyon dwells in a few simultaneous dimensions of his own, where he is known as Frater Thabion, the founder and Archimage of the Ordo Templi Astartes, a lodge of Hermetic occultists based in Southern California. His grasp of metaphysics and the Hermetic tradition adds a colorful patina to Beyond Lemuria. Runyon's hand-built miniature sets seen throughout the film are a testament to this multi-talented movie mogul.

That this is a movie produced by a group of California Hermetic Occultists is unique in itself, but that it is heavily influenced by the works of Richard S. Shaver makes for one of the most unusual offerings out of So Cal since the film's first release in 2007.