Richard Shaver:
Reality of the Inner Earth
(Book & Audio CD) (Paperback)

"The Terror Beneath Our Feet"
By S.S. Casteel, Ventura, California
December 1, 2005

[Editor's Note: This review came out of from a reviewer who has connections to the publisher of the book, so expect a bit of a "puff piece"...we have not seen this book as yet, but wanted to include it in the update nonetheless...]

Richard Shaver never went looking for trouble. It found him one day as he labored as a spot welder at an automobile factory in Detroit in the 1940s, and once it had him in his clutches, it never let go. The problem started as voices, the disembodied kind that have been a torment to those who hear them since the beginning of time.

Shaver at first felt he was going crazy. He could hear the screams of tortured men and women, as well as the conversations of those implementing the torture. The voices were more than Shaver could cope with, and he soon left his job and began to bum around the country in an effort to somehow silence the horrifying din in his ears. Instead of a blissful escape, he was instead forced to confront directly the "demons" when they kidnapped him and took him to their home turf, a dark world deep down under the ground.

He came to call his abductors the "dero," short for "detrimental robot," and to blame them for most of the ills we surface dwellers suffer from, including disease, madness and the never ending strife of warfare. Shaver believed the dero had once been a reasonable and technologically advanced race, but when the sun began to emit dangerous radiation, they were forced to go underground, where they continued to undergo the debilitating effects of the poisonous solar energy. Those effects eventually led them to madness and depths of wickedness previously unknown on this fragile planet.

There are perhaps many reading this review that are already familiar with Shaver's story. For those of you long since acquainted with the facts just presented, Global Communications has something new to offer you: "Richard Shaver: Reality of the Inner Earth." The book consists of a collection of previously unpublished writings by Shaver that were discovered by accident when a pipe burst in the home of publisher Timothy Green Beckley. As Beckley scrambled to save some of his files from being ruined by the water, he stumbled across some writings by Shaver that had lain forgotten in his collection of old manuscripts.

What a fortunate turn of events! A large portion of what Beckley was able to salvage is now being offered to both old-time Shaver buffs and neophytes of the world underground. And the new stories are as incredible as the old ones. There is for instance the story of how Shaver is abducted by a particularly wicked dero who demands that Shaver turn over to him a rock in his possession which the dero believes has great mystical powers. As part of the torture he endures, Shaver is forced to witness a strange erotic dance by four beautiful, naked women who are operated like puppets by the evil underground dweller.

There is also the story of Shaver taking a lover, a woman named "Nydia," who appears in a mist to him one day as he lays in his bedroom contemplating his predicament with the dero. Shaver shares a passionate relationship with Nydia, but she eventually tires of him and moves on. The writing style in which Shaver tells these stories, while rough in some places, at other times flows like wonderful stream-of-consciousness poetry.

Along with the newly revealed stories by Shaver, the book also includes a chapter written by a woman named Margaret Rogers. She was a heroin addict haunting the streets of Mexico City in the 1940s, when a kindly doctor friend brought her to a strange underground world where she was cured of her addiction and reprogrammed to lead a respectable life on the surface by compassionate men and women who were fifteen-feet-tall. Their world beneath the earth is a benevolent paradise in contrast to the dero's malevolent hell.

There are also chapters by Dennis Crenshaw and the book's editor, Tim Swartz, that fill in some of the historical blanks in the Shaver/dero story. Swartz puts a shine on some of Shaver's often less than polished prose, as Ray Palmer, the publisher who first brought the Shaver Mysteries to the public's attention, had had to do as well. The package comes complete with a captivating CD of an interview with author and publisher Beckley conducted by radio show icon Hilly Rose. Beckley was a friend and confidant to both Shaver and Palmer, and his intimate knowledge of the subject makes for a fascinating listening experience.

If you're interested in the paranormal but want something a little different from the standard UFO or government conspiracy book, then you should check out "Richard Shaver: Reality of the Inner Earth." For those who know the basics of the Shaver Mysteries, it offers fascinating accounts written by Shaver in his later years that are available to the public for the first time. And for those new to the subject, dive in feet first and take a plunge into a deep and enigmatic netherworld that threatens us with its darkeness even as it enthralls us.