Editorial 2008
The Editor

The Shaver Mystery Meets
Mt. Shasta
An Interview with Poke Runyon

I Search For the Portals
Charles A. Marcoux

Bury Me at Blowing Cavern
Richard Toronto

The House at 306 Ridge Road
John Hatfield Hart

Was Kennedy Killed by Deros?
Vaughn M. Greene

Shavertron Reviews
Figbar Tobar

Shaver's Rok Fogo Operetta

The Steve Volto Dero Mystery
Ye Editor

Shaver's Concept of the
World Wide Web -1973
R.S. Shaver

The Characteristics of Rock Books
W.G. Bliss

The Bliss Perpetual Motion Mech
W.G. Bliss

Richard Shaver

Theo Paijmans

Who Were the Rodites?

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The Shaver Archive

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